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Genuine Guess V Quilted Cover for iPhone 12 & 12 Pro – Gold


Why ought I to buy?

  • Here’s a quick look at the grace and refinement of the past for your iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.
  • Beautiful prestige 3D V case.
  • safeguards for your phone
  • Slim-fitting and light-weight
  • specifically designed for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro 6.1

The ports and buttons are still conveniently reachable as a result. The case exactly mimics the shape of the phone and is both light and thin. This makes it easy to operate, charge, and connect accessories inside the case. This provides the phone with the finest defence against dirt, grime, and scratches. The stylish Guess logo in gold is also expertly placed on the reverse.

The stylish V-Quilted line Guess case is characterised by a quilted pattern that bears the metal GUESS logo in the form of a triangle. A case made of soft ecological leather is a terrific choice for individuals who value fashion for its quality and function as well as its distinctive design. Because of the unique finish, every case in this series appears exceptionally fashionable and opulent.

This iPhone 12 & 12 Pro 6.1″ case includes a single piece of leather that is coated in a beautiful 3D V effect aesthetic without ever looking garish. Take a brief look at traditional grace and elegance for your iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. The Guess leather case easily encircles your smartphone, adjusting to every curve and providing protection while increasing the aesthetic of your iPhone and appearing incredibly gorgeous while doing so.

Beautifully sophisticated 3D V-effect pattern
The stunning marble-effect pattern on the back and sides of this case adds a touch of ancient history to your iPhone 12 & 12 Pro 6.1″ and serves as the ideal synthesis of the contemporary and the traditional. The design is aesthetically pleasing and attracts notice whether the device is turned face down or when you are using it outside, making it perfect for getting a little extra attention at a party, for example.

Safeguards for your phone
If you think that this scenario is just a pretty face, think again. The sturdy polycarbonate frame of your iPhone 12 & 12 Pro 6.1″ protects it from drops, scratches, and bumps while yet providing the ideal degree of flexibility for protection. You can truly have it everything with this attractive and secure cover.

Slim-fitting and light-weight
This case is exceptionally thin, providing excellent protection without adding any extra thickness to your iPhone. This implies that it won’t be an issue to place the phone in your pocket, bag, or anywhere else. Additionally, it seems that the 6.1″ natural form of the iPhone 12 & 12 Pro is preserved and safeguarded.

Built just for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro 6.1″

You can use your phone to the fullest when it is in the case since you can be sure that all of its ports and buttons, including the charging port, rear camera, and volume keys, will be clearly visible. This case was especially designed with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, both 6.1″ in size.