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Tactical Chunky Manti Cover for Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro – Black


  • made from a combination of aluminium, PU and polycarbonate
  • reinforced corners with eyelets for fixing anywhere
  • sides protected by aluminium strips
  • raised edges around the display to prevent it from being scratched
  • raised edges around camera lenses
  • for perfect protection of the phone against damage in the event of a fall

Tactical Chunky Mantis premium protective phone cover in a durable design, reinforced corners and an unusual combination of three materials. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors in nature, in the city, or do you often have your phone in your hand and are you afraid of it falling to the ground? Do you want your phone to look unusually stylish and emphasize the design of your phone and your personality?

  • made in a combination of three materials
  • reinforced corners for the best protection
  • aluminium slats on the sides
  • transparent polycarbonate back


Reinforced Frame

The cover has a main frame made of durable and yet pleasantly flexible PU material. This is seconded by transparent polycarbonate on the back so that your phone’s logo is still clearly visible, but also by aluminium strips on the sides that underline the entire design and give the cover extreme strength and resistance in the event of an impact. And last but not least, they look great!


Unique Eye-Catching Design

The PU frame for the phone offers an eye in each corner for attaching a strap, which you can use as a safety device against the phone falling out of your hand, or for attaching it to a backpack, vest, simply anywhere you wish. Another fixed eye can be found at the bottom of the cover in the middle. There are no limits to the possibilities of how and where to attach the phone.


Strengthened Crystal Clear Back

The back side made of clear polycarbonate lets the color of your phone stand out and, last but not least, the manufacturer’s logo itself. Polycarbonate is crystal clear yet very strong and scratch resistant.

And last but not least, the sides are covered with aluminium strips that underline the design of the entire cover and the material used matches your phone.


Drop Protection

The cover has reinforced corners, which are the most vulnerable part of the phone in the event of a fall. Furthermore, with raised edges around the display, this is in case you put the phone down with the display down, so it won’t get scratched. And last but not least, the raised frame around the camera lens.