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Samsung Galaxy A13 4G Tactical Field Notes Wallet Case

All the advantages of a wallet case, but more simpler. The red wallet case is the ideal travelling companion for the owner of a Samsung A13. Additionally, this case may be easily transformed into a stand for viewing media.

  • For the Samsung A13, premium slimline executive protection
  • Designed with soft grain PU leather.
  • A rich, opulent feel with lovely stitching
  • Slots for your identification, money, and cards
  • Integrated viewing stand feature
  • Particularly made for the Samsung Galaxy A13 4G

For the Samsung A13, premium slimline executive protection
Protect your priceless Samsung with a unique PU leather wallet case. There is no question about the high quality of this wallet case, making it ideal for usage in any professional setting. Ensure that your iPhone is both secure and well-visible. Simply insert your device into the frame for a safe hold and simple phone access.

Made from real PU leather with a delicate texture.
This slim yet durable case from keeps your Samsung safe and secure with a polished appearance that is created to both impress and be entirely functional. It is made of soft grain PU leather. Your phone will slide into and out of your pocket or bag without difficulty thanks to the thin, beautiful soft grain PU leather. As with many fine leather goods, the casing will look better and better as it ages.

A rich, opulent feel with lovely stitching
The outside contours of this wallet case include elegant stitching, giving it a high-end executive appearance. You will also enjoy a product of recognisable quality that is built to last while winning a lot of admiration from family, friends, and coworkers, in addition to the lovely smooth leather touch.

Slots for your identification, money, and cards
Inner slot pockets of this smart design are created to carry credit cards, cash, store cards, a driver’s licence, or anything else of a comparable size. So utilise this wallet Case rather than your old wallet, which is at home. Perfect for business professionals, vacationers, and commuters alike. Hold up to two cards, and there is a spot for other items you need to bring.

Integrated viewing stand feature
By horizontally folding in on itself, the wallet case’s back cover also transforms into a desk stand. The resulting viewing platform is ideal for watching movies, listening to music, or even browsing the web.

Specifically created for the Samsung A13
You can be sure of a perfect and secure fit for your device with cut-outs and access to all of your phone’s capabilities thanks to the fact that this lovely PU leather cover is made especially for the Samsung A13.


Retail packaged

These TACTICAlL cases were packaged entirely out of recyclable materials.