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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus TPU Clear Case & Kit 5000AMH Power Bank Pack


Show off your new phone
This clear TPU case features a 100% transparent styling, allowing the innovative and sleek design of Samsung S20+ to remain unobstructed. Durable and long lasting, the case clips effortlessly on to the back of your device, providing added protection without sacrificing form.

Slim but just as protective
Although this case may be slim, it offers an outstanding level of protection with it’s polycarbonate design quickly absorbing the impact from drops and bumps. The slightly raised bezel also helps to protect the screen from scratches when the device is flat on a surface.

Keeps your phone slim and light
Thanks to the slim design, your Samsung won’t incur any unnecessary bulk – helping to keep your S20+ as slim and light as it was originally designed to be.

Made for S20+
This product, is made to the highest standards with the best quality materials. It is designed specifically for use with the S20+, so offers a perfect fit and does not impede the use of any of the functions such as the power and volume buttons, headphone and charging ports, or front and rear cameras.

Easily access all ports, controls & connectors
The case also features cut-outs for the ports and features of the S20+, including the dock connector and camera.


KIT POWER 5000 may Power Bank

5000 mAh capacity battery
This KIT Universal Power Bank is able to hold charge for up to 50 hours without needing to be recharged!

1 USB & 1 USB-C output
With this Power Bank you can charge two of your devices at once, as long as you have the USB cables to do so! This means there will be no arguments over whose phone battery is lowest as you can both charge your phones at the same time.

LED battery indicator
This Kit Universal Power Bank will show you how much charge it has left – so you know when you need to put it back on charge. But, don’t worry too much as this charger has 50 hours worth of charge, meaning you won’t have to constantly be charging this device before you go

For smartphones and more
This can charge your smartphone, tablet and more – as long as you have a compatible USB cable to plug it into. However, the more power the device needs to charge, the faster the PowerBank will be drained of battery.