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PureGear Groovy Retro game case for iPhone 5s / 5 ? SE


Protect your new iPhone 5s / 5 / SE and have fun doing it with the PureGear Groovy Retro game case. The hard plastic shell doesn’t just provide excellent protection for your device; it also houses a simple game to keep you entertained.

  • Sturdy design for great protection
  • Built in retro game for fun and style
  • Designed specifically for iPhone 5 5s SE

Protecting your new iPhone from drops, knocks and scratches is vital and the PureGear Groovy Retro game case for the iPhone 5s / 5 / SE will do just that. Equally important though is to have fun, which is why this case has a retro game built into it to protect you from boredom while it protects your iPhone from knocks and scratches.


The PureGear Groovy Retro game case has a retro circular maze game built into it to keep you entertained and ad a cool design to your iPhone 5s / 5 / SE. Try to tilt your iPhone to get the silver ball from the start to the end of the maze. It’s a great way to waste a long train journey.

Using a tough but flexible plastic, the PureGear Groovy Retro game case provides excellent protection for your iPhone 5s / 5 against the bumps and scratches of everyday life.


Designed specifically for the Apple iPhone 5 5s & SE, the PureGear Groovy Retro game case gives you access to all the ports and buttons on your iPhone while providing complete protection.