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13-inch iPhone Nillkin CamShield Pro Case

  • official Nillkin case slide cover for privacy access and camera protection All port and switch cutouts
  • Better grip thanks to the non-slip design on both sides.
  • TPU is used on all of the edges of PC’s robust, durable material for a shockproof experience.
  • Traditional Textured Design for Outstanding Finishing

The Nillkin CamShield is a special cover with a sliding camera lens cover that is additionally special because it is made of two materials.
The camera cover is also composed of sturdy, long-lasting plastic on the back.
For the best edge and corner protection of the phone, the cover frame is made of softened TPU plastic.
Both materials have a high level of resistance to oil and fingerprints in addition to wear.
Of course, because it is thin and has fully accessible connectors and buttons, the phone in the case does not obstruct the phone’s aesthetics.


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