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Genuine Speck Presidio Grip 2 Impact Case For iPhone 12 Pro Max – Black Brand New


  • Enhanced safety: Drop protection for speakers, microphone, and ports
  • Scratch-resistant
  • narrow design
  • Retail packaged
  • Tested from a 10-foot drop (will protect your device from this height).

This case will scarcely increase the width of your iPhone 12 Pro Max while keeping it looking as svelte and expensive as it does right out of the box. So it may easily fit without adding bulk to a bag, handbag, or pocket. Furthermore, this case is so thin that you won’t even notice it’s there, allowing the elegance of your iPhone 12 Pro Max to show through. Additionally to offering complete coverage protection for your iPhone 12 Pro Max, the Presidio case is lined with a cutting-edge dynamic shock-absorbing substance. You won’t ever have to worry about dropping your device again thanks to Impactium ridges on the interior, which compress on any hit to absorb and disperse shock.


Two levels of defence

For two layers of protection in a single case, our Presidio® GRIP Samsung Galaxy iPhone 12 Pro Max cases offer a polycarbonate shell that is moulded with shock-absorbing IMPACTIUMTM rubber.


tested with the IMPACTIUMTM Shock Barrier after a 10-foot drop

This Presidio case has IMPACTIUM rubber ridges along the inside border, which compress on impact to absorb and spread shock. Your phone will be protected by this case from harm caused by drops up to 10 feet.


Safeguarding no-slip grip

No matter how you hold your phone, the case’s back’s angled rubber ridges will keep it firmly in place.

Screen protection built-in

The screen’s raised bezel helps shield it from damage when the phone is dropped or laid face down.


Lab-tested robustness

For different real-life scenarios, all Speck cases are independently lab tested to guarantee that your smartphone is always secured. We test for protection against extreme drops, temperatures that are too high or too low, chemicals, antenna interference, cracks and abrasions, device bending, and other things.

The Presidio line provides the highest level of protection while preserving a premium sleek look. Speck is a well-known firm that creates honourable cases intended to leave an impression—

take one, then. They have been producing unique items for the best technology products in the globe since 2001. The Presidio range is your new go-to for the best possible protection since it gives you a difference you can both see and feel compared to other cases. First and foremost, this case is a favourite because to its sleek appearance.