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Genuine Speck Presidio Clear Protective Case Cover For iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus

This thin case obviously maintains its beauty longer. Its high-tech coating protects against discoloration by resisting UV radiation, oils, and other things. On impact, a proprietary two-layer construction absorbs and distributes shock. These cases have been tested by independent laboratories and are designed to resist drops of up to 8 feet. If your phone falls face-down, a raised bezel helps to prevent your screen from being scratched and broken. 0


IMPACTIUM CLEAR shock barrier and 8-foot drop protection

On impact, the interior perimeter’s IMPACTIUM CLEAR material compresses to absorb and distribute shock. Independent labs have repeatedly dropped products from 8 feet to ensure outstanding protection.


Two robust and durable layers of protection

You receive two levels of protection in a thin, one-piece case thanks to the moulding of a polycarbonate outer shell and an IMPACTIUM CLEAR interior lining.


Protective raised bezels for screens

gives your phone’s screen additional protection against scuffing and breaking if it falls and lands face-down.


stays away

displays your phone’s beauty while maintaining its protection. A newly created coating aids in keeping your seamless case pristine for longer by preventing discoloration brought on by UV radiation and oil absorption.


Finish that resists scuffing

Your case will remain newer longer thanks to a special coating.


Allows wireless charging

constructed to support Qi wireless charging.


thoroughly examined for robustness

In a separate lab setting, Speck cases are independently evaluated for a variety of real-world scenarios, including high drops and temperatures, chemicals, antenna interference, cracks and abrasions, device bending, and more.