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Genuine Speck Presidio Clear Impact Protective Case Cover For iPhone XS Max


Your iPhone XS Max is protected by two strengthened layers. Totally transparent – let the design of your iPhone show through Military-grade drop protection – evaluated from 8 ft Reduced bulk created with the iPhone in mind Introducing the Speck Presidio, a development of the well-known CandyShell case. A Speck ultra-rugged clear cover for the iPhone X comprised of two distinct protection layers. has a 100% transparent finish, improved drop protection, and decreased bulk. For your iPhone X, there are two enhanced levels of protection.
The original Speck CandyShell Clear won awards; now, that timeless design has been improved upon and transformed into the brand-new Speck Presidio Clear. Speck’s new rubberized “Impactium” internal layer, combined with a stylish, scratch-resistant matte finish hard outer shell, provides excellent protection in any situation. It glides smoothly in and out of your pockets and is protected against drops, scratches, and moderate impacts by its sleek, durable casing. The screen is protected if it falls face down and provides non-slip stability when you place it face down thanks to the rubberized Impactium inner lining that extends to the bezel.