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Samsung S8 Genuine Speck Presidio Clear Case


  • 10 feet of drop testing were performed exclusively for your Samsung Galaxy S8.
    Impactium Shock Barrier with Two Layers of Protection
  • Qi Wireless Charging Compatibility Lab-tested Durability Retail Packed

eight-foot drop test Third-party testing facilities have dropped our PresidioTM Galaxy Galaxy S8 cases from a height of eight feet many times to be sure they provide outstanding protection.
CLEAR IMPACTIUMTM. A dynamic shock-absorbing substance called IMPACTIUM CLEAR deflects force away from your Galaxy Galaxy S8.

Raised-bezel screen protection with a patent. The raised IMPACTIUM CLEAR bezel protects the screen from direct drops against the phone’s face and avoids damage when the phone is laid flat.
Protective button response. The volume and power buttons are shielded with IMPACTIUM CLEAR while still functioning as intended.

protection for the camera and port perimeter. IMPACTIUM CLEAR shields speakers, microphones, and ports against drops without sacrificing audio quality or obstructing access to ports, camera lenses, or camera flash.

Design a two-layer structure Presidio CLEAR + GLITTER has a dual-layer design for strong defence.
the thinnest case yet. The slimmest dual-layer case Speck has ever produced was developed by us without compromising on protection.

precise engineering in the fit. Precision engineering allows Presidio CLEAR + GLITTER to exactly fit your Samsung Galaxy S8 case.

crystals of glitter embedded. The case’s sturdy exterior layer contains glitter crystals that won’t scrape off or flake.

Scratch-resistant. Presidio CLEAR features clear glossy and matte black designs, is scratch-resistant, and has a contemporary look.

fights off UV yellowing. When exposed to UV rays from the sun, Presidio CLEAR’s specially-engineered substance, IMPACTIUM CLEAR, resists becoming yellow.

durability evaluated in a lab. For different real-life scenarios, all Speck cases are independently lab tested to guarantee that your smartphone is always secured. We test for protection against extreme drops, temperatures that are too high or too low, chemicals, antenna interference, cracks and abrasions, device bending, and other things.