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Apple iPhone 13 Pro Speck – Presidio2 Pro Case in Black

Protection from drops of 13 feet with IMPACTIUM cushioning

Matte, soft-touch coating for increased scratch resistance

A case with two layers of protection that is small and portable

Durable polycarbonate exterior with impact-absorbing inside

Protective raised bezels for screens

independently tested in a lab under several real-world conditions

enables quick wireless charging

Antimicrobial therapy with Microban, 99% reduction in bacterial load

A soft-touch finish gives the ultra-protective and pocket-friendly Presidio2 Pro case a better appearance, better feel, and more scratch resistance. This case is not just fashionable but also durable thanks to Presidio2 Armor Cloud technology. Each case’s exterior has been lined with air capsules.

Similar to an airbag, they collapse upon impact and suspend your phone on a cushion of air. You can be sure that your phone is secured because these cases have been shown to withstand drops of up to 13 feet in the real world.

Presidio2 Armor Cloud technology, which cushions and shields your phone like an airbag and has a soft-touch coating for a better look and increased scratch resistance, provides up to 13-foot drop protection for extraordinary durability.