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Plays music and charges the HTC One X simultaneously

The HTC CR S650 Desktop Cradle is the perfect partner for the One X smartphone. It is designed to allow you to quickly and easily place your phone in the dock, whereby it will allow you to play loud and clear music from your phone whilst charging and holding it at a convenient angle for viewing the web, playing games and watching movies.

In-built speakers provide quality sound

The CR S650 also features built-in speakers which allow you to play your music through the cradle and enjoy your tunes in quality sound. Simply plug your One X into the cradle and then press play and instantly you’ll be enjoying your music through the cradles speakers.

Stylish and discreet design

Made to fit into any surroundings, the HTC CR S650 is small but stylish, with a sleek glossy white finish. The footprint of the cradle is made to be as small as possible, so it doesn’t take up much space on your desktop or bedside table.

Genuine HTC accessory made for the HTC One X

This cradle is made specifically for the One X by HTC, so you can be sure of perfect compatibility and fit as well as a product made to the highest quality standards.