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For your iPhone X or XS, classic beauty and elegance are seen at a look.


This iPhone X or XS cover is made of a single ultra-thin polycarbonate plate that has a gorgeous design placed on it. It has a lot of glitter without ever being obnoxious. The Guess Marble case wraps itself around your device with ease, clinging to every curve and offering protection while enhancing the appearance of your iPhone and appearing absolutely lovely while doing so.


Stunning Prestige


The gorgeous marble-effect pattern on the back and sides of this case gives your iPhone X or XS a touch of ancient history and strikes the ideal balance between the contemporary and the traditional. When the gadget is placed face down or while you are using it outside, the pattern is aesthetically beautiful and draws attention, making it ideal for drawing a little extra attention at a party, for instance.


Protection for your phone

Think twice before assuming that this situation is merely a lovely face. Your iPhone X or XS is protected from drops, scrapes, and bumps by a strong, durable polycarbonate frame that nevertheless provides just the right amount of flexibility to safeguard your device. With the help of this lovely and safe cover, you can truly have it all.


Lightweight and slim fitting

The superb protection offered by this incredibly thin case comes without any extra bulk for your iPhone. This means that putting the phone in your pocket, bag, or anywhere else won’t be a problem. Additionally, it implies that the iPhone X or XS’s inherent form is both kept and safeguarded.


Exclusively created for the iPhone X or XS

You can be confident that the ports and functions of your device, like the rear camera, charging port, and volume keys, will be completely exposed thanks to the case’s design specifically with the iPhone X or XS in mind, allowing you to use it to the fullest when it is in the case.