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GOLD Genuine Guess Gold Glitter Case 4G for iPhone 14 Plus Genuine Guess iPhone 14 Plus Case


  • The phone’s screen and camera are shielded from dirt and scratches by the raised bezel.
  • Shiny, glittery aesthetic improves the look of your iPhone
  • Strong TPU frame safeguards your smartphone
  • Lightweight and slim fitting
  • Specifically created for the iPhone 14 Plus




The Guess name has stood for superior craftsmanship and design for many years. These values serve as the foundation for the new line of 4G protective cases. It is distinguished by a printed Guess logo in the shape of a triangle and a 4G logo on a sumptuous leather texture. The case’s construction combines high-grade polycarbonate for the back with eco-friendly leather and flexible TPU silicone for the sides, ensuring a simple installation.



Glamorous Glamour for your iPhone in a glance.


This Guess case actually reclines in luxury thanks to its strong frame and sparkling crystal curtain on the rear. The Guess Luxury Crystal case wraps itself around your device with ease, adhering to every curve and offering protection while enhancing the appearance of your iPhone and appearing absolutely lovely while doing so.




The phone’s screen and camera are shielded from dirt and scratches by the raised bezel.


Your phone frequently falls? The iPhone 14 Plus’s increased bezels on the side of the device will lessen impact and prevent scratches and grime from getting on it.


A shimmering, sparkling aesthetic improves the look of your iPhone.


The glitter and sequin pattern on the back of this case shimmers mesmerizingly when it catches the light in just the right way, and fashion is the appropriate word to describe it. When the gadget is placed face down or while you are using it outside, the pattern is attractive and draws attention, making it ideal for drawing a little extra attention at a party, for instance.


Durable TPU frame safeguards your smartphone.


Think twice before assuming that this situation is merely a lovely face. Your iPhone is protected from drops, scrapes, and bumps by a strong, flexible TPU frame. With the help of this lovely and safe cover, you can truly have it all.


Lightweight and slim fitting


While not adding any extra bulk to your iPhone, this thin cover offers outstanding protection. This means that putting the phone in your pocket, bag, or anywhere else won’t be a problem. Additionally, it implies that the iPhone is both protected and kept in its original form.