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Genuine Guess Charmed 4G Metal Logo Hard Case Cover For iPhone 13 Pro Max- Black

For the iPhone 13 Pro, Genuine Guess Charmed 4G Metal Logo Hard Case Cover – Black Luxury Stylish Look
This practical Guess case features the Guess 4G print. This case’s luxurious Guess design will make sure you stand out from the crowd. the best quality and outstanding design. These values serve as the foundation for the new line of 4G protective cases.

Very Best Quality

It is distinguished by a printed 4G logo on opulent leather that is inscribed with a large, metal Guess logo. The case’s construction combines high-grade polycarbonate for the back with eco-friendly leather and flexible TPU silicone for the sides, ensuring a simple installation. Create your own distinctive look for your iPhone and enhance it with chic brand aesthetics.

Complete Protection

The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s corners are shielded from bumps and scratches by the rim protection on the Guess case, giving your phone all-around protection.

Customized Fitting

You can use the Guess case with your new iPhone 13 Pro Max. This case guarantees that all cutouts and ports are accessible, allowing you to continue using your iPhone to its full potential.