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Luxury Stylish Look

This Guess 4G black leather case comes adorned with the elegant and timeless 4G designs, finished with the new custom large gold Guess logo. With the excellent design and the high quality material, the 4G logo and the luxurious leather texture, this case would be a great addition to the everyday essential protection of your iPhone. With this luscious Guess design and quality this case will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Built-in ring handle

The back of the case has a built-in extremely practical handle, Ring, which can be put on the finger to hold the phone more securely in your hand. It also allows you to attach the phone to a magnetic car holder

All Round Protection

The Guess case provides all round protection for you phone as the edges of your iPhone is protected with rim protection against any bumps or scratches.

Bespoke Fitting

The Guess case has been designed to fit your new iPhone. This case ensures that all ports and cut outs are accessible enabling you to remain full function of your iPhone



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