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Genuine Ferrari On Track Carbon for iPhone 12 Mini – Black


  • Genuinely carbon fibre
  • Premium carbon fibre design that is non-slip
  • Incredibly thin and light
  • A contemporary edge made of flexible TPU
  • Carbon fibre body
  • Textured buttons
  • Easy access to all controls, ports, and
  • The connectors on your Apple iPhone 12 mini


A case of high quality, signed by one of the most well-known automakers worldwide. Our gadget will be protected while still having a dynamic, contemporary look thanks to the special Ferrari case from the supercar Inspiration series. The classic style of a collection constructed of actual carbon fibre, the same material used to make protective vests and Formula 1 vehicles. The phone’s functioning buttons are cutouts in extremely resistant housings, allowing for unrestricted use of the gadget.


Modern carbon fibre body with a flexible TPU edging

With the Ferrari Carbon Fibre cover for the Apple iPhone 12 mini, you can shield your phone from dents, scratches, and bumps. The case will tirelessly preserve your device without adding extra bulk thanks to its slim-fitting carbon fibre body and smooth carbon fibre print. The carbon fibre core also has shock-absorbing strength, which can help heat dissipate and deflect shock force.


Premium carbon fibre design that is non-slip

The carbon fibre style of the Ferrari case enhances the exquisite appearance of your iPhone 12 mini. While the Ferrari Carbon Fibre case provides a more secure grip and reduces the likelihood of dropping your phone, the original Apple iPhone 12 mini construction makes the device rather slippery and easy to drop. This excellent initial line of defence is frequently disregarded.


Incredibly thin and light

If you are reading this, you are probably seeking for a cover that will keep your Apple iPhone 12 small as slim and stylish-looking as possible while offering protection. This Ferrari case offers a contoured and slim-fitting fit that will keep your phone free of bulk at all times. It is made from precision-cut carbon fibre.


Textured buttons

Since this case’s design incorporates fluid push buttons, you can be sure that it will perfectly protect your new gadget without obstructing daily use. These tactile button covers function flawlessly and shield your side buttons from harm.


Access all connectors, functions, and ports on your iPhone 12 mini with ease.

Additionally, the case has cutouts for the Apple iPhone 12 mini’s ports and functions, including the dock connector, stylus, function buttons, fingerprint sensor, and cameras.