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Ferrari 13 Pro Carbon Case Official Case

High-End Carbon Finish

Metal Ferrari logo embossed

Made for long-lasting protection with a sturdy, lightweight material

Camera rings shield your camera from drops, bumps, and scratches.

No more bulk is added by the slim fitting design, which neatly fits in your pocket.

Cutouts for each iPhone 13 Pro model.

able to support wireless charging


Your iPhone 13 Pro features a carbon design.
The iPhone 13 Pro’s stunning beauty is enhanced by the carbon fibre design of the Carbon cover. While the Ferrari Carbon Fibre case provides a more secure grip and reduces the likelihood of dropping your phone, the original iPhone 13 Pro construction makes the device rather slippery and easy to drop. This excellent initial line of defence is frequently disregarded. The material selection gives your iPhone 13 Pro superb protection and a great appearance in any environment.

You may rely on protection
The Ferrari Carbon Finish case offers exceptional protection for the iPhone 13 Pro. The materials employed have been developed to deflect dangerous kinetic energy away from your gadget, protecting it from harm and absorbing stress from any drops or bumps.

Specifically created to function with every iPhone 13 Pro
With an average increase in thickness of just 2mm, this high-end carbon finish case has been carefully created to add little to no bulk to your iPhone 13 Pro. You will have full access to all of the phone’s capabilities, including the cameras, charging connections, and speakers, thanks to the device’s decreased bulk and carefully constructed buttons and connectors.


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