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Particularly Created for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro
safeguards your iPhone from any unforeseen drops and collisions.
Card and money pockets inside
This case also functions as a stand.
Fine Ferrari quality is used, and official packaging is used.

Exceptionally fine craftsmanship that makes you stand out from the crowd!
Ferrari is regarded as one of the world’s top manufacturers of luxury automobiles and leather goods. Even among the greatest cases on the market, this magnificent case will stand out since the leather was carefully chosen from the finest available.


Combine great protection for your iPhone 13 Pro with your wallet.

combining your wallet with an iPhone 13 Pro, a premium device with three spaces for credit/debit cards, train tickets, and receipts. In today’s digital age, the Leather Wallet Case is the ideal wallet. Even better, you can keep your ID in the convenient window pocket without constantly taking it out. Extremely useful, this case gives great all-around protection for your phone as well as a great method to keep your cards and cash. This ensures that the screen, sides, and back of your iPhone are always protected.


Premium truly means premium, thus only the best materials will do!
This case is made to withstand any abuse and yet look great. It starts with a thin, yet incredibly robust structure that is wrapped in natural chosen leather. The frame’s modest weight offers support, stability, and improved security. After that, a plusher microfiber lining is added to the interior casing to give it a better soft finish.


Obtain all regions
This case was conceptualised and specifically built for the iPhone 13 Pro. Your phone will function perfectly when it is in this case, you can be guaranteed of that. Access to your buttons, headphone jack, speakers, and lightning port are also included.