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CERRUTI 1881 – iPhone 8 & 7 Case


Thanks to a safe magnetic clasp that secures your phone in place flawlessly, this book-style case keeps your iPhone 8 and 7 enclosed and protected. There is no denying the superior craftsmanship of this executive-styled premium CERRUTI 1881 case.


Security for the iPhone 8 and 7

The case has been specially created to fit the iPhone 8 and 7, giving you the greatest fit. Simply insert your phone into the holder, and it will securely click into place.


Your cards fit in slots

With three interior compartments specifically made to accommodate credit cards, cash, store cards, driver’s licences, or anything else of a comparable size, its intelligent design has you covered.


Uses a magnetic clasp to open and close for comfort

When the Encase case is closed, the magnetic fastener ensures that your iPhone 8 and 7 will remain securely protected inside the case and prevents it from falling loose.


Stitching enhances the aesthetic appeal of this case.

Stitching surrounds the external curves of the Encase leather wallet case, giving it a high-end executive appearance. You also receive a product of remarkable quality that will wow everyone and endure as long as you need it to, in addition to the lovely soft touch real leather.