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CERRUTI 1881 Smooth Leather – Booktype Case – Taupe – iPhone 8 & 7


This leather book type case keeps your iPhone 8 & 7 secure and enclosed, thanks to a secure magnetic clasp which seamlessly holds your phone in place. This is a premium CERRUTI 1881 quality case with an executive style, leaving no doubt as to its quality.


Protection for the iPhone 8 & 7


The case has been specifically designed for the iPhone 8 & 7, so you are given the best possible fit. Just pop your phone into the fame and it will snap into place with a perfect hold.


Slots for your cards


This thoughtful design has it covered with 3 inner pouches specially designed to hold credit cards, cash, store cards, driving licence or anything else of similar size.


Opens and closes with magnetic clasp, for ease of use


The magnetic fastener on the Encase case will ensure that once closed, your iPhone 8 & 7 will stay safely protected within the case and will prevent it from coming loose.


Stitch finishing, making this case look more beautiful


The Encase leather wallet case features stitching around the exterior contours, which gives a premium executive finish. Added to the beautiful soft touch real leather, you are getting a product of exceptional quality that will last you as long as you will need it to, and draw a great deal of admiration.


  • Leather Case
  • Licensed Case – Made with fine prestige quality.
  • Magnetic Closure
  • 3 Credit Cards slots
  • Retail Packed