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CERRUTI 1881  Genuine Leather – Brown Hard Case – iPhone 8 & 7


This genuine leather hard case keeps your iPhone 8 & 7 secure and enclosed. This is a premium CERRUTI 1881 quality case with an executive style, leaving no doubt as to its quality.


Protection for the iPhone 8 & 7


The case has been specifically designed for the iPhone 8 & iPhone 7, so you are given the best possible fit.  Just pop your phone into the fame and it will snap into place with a perfect hold.


All the Cuts


All the cuts are in their correct place so you don’t have to take your iPhone 8 or 7 out to take a picture or to charge it.


Stitch finishing, making this case look more beautiful


The Encase leather wallet case features stitching around the exterior contours, which gives a premium executive finish. Added to the beautiful real leather feel, you are getting a product of exceptional quality that will last you as long as you will need it to, and draw a great deal of admiration.

  • Genuine Leather Case
  • Licensed Case – Made with fine prestige quality.
  • Retail Packed