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Celly Portable Charger 6000mAh, Universal

  • Charging two smartphones at once
  • Three times to recharge your smartphone
  • lightweight and equipped with a strong battery
  • Using green output, turbocharge a device three times more quickly.

Charge your phone when you’re out and about and when you need it most.

You won’t ever have to worry about your smartphone running out of battery again while travelling, commuting, or just out and about thanks to the Universal Power Bank. Unlike wall chargers and car chargers, which need an outlet to work, the portable power allows users to stay charged wherever and whenever they are.

It’s crucial to keep your battery charged so you can make that crucial call, respond to that critical text message, or use GPS. Many phones now have more power-hungry apps than ever before.


6,000mAh impressive capacity gives you a tonne of juice


The Universal Power Bank, with its astounding 6,000mAh battery capacity, gives your smartphone the extra push it needs so you can use it for even more surfing, gaming, texting, and phone calls.


For excellent compatibility, a universal USB charging output


The Universal Power Bank may be used to recharge a number of USB devices. With its universal USB charging connector, you can use any USB charging cable to power your devices and take advantage of the extra 6000mAh battery capacity it offers. Even better, it has a Turbo-Charge feature that uses the green output to charge your device three times faster.


For portability, choose a small and compact design.


This power bank was created with portability in mind, making it easy for you to carry it wherever you go. It is small and lightweight.


4 LED indicator lights are included for easy energy monitoring.


Take a quick look at the practical 4 LED indicator lights on your portable power bank to see how much battery life is still remaining. This will show you how much more battery life your gadget will have before you need to start getting concerned.