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Baseus Osculum Car Mount Holder

  • Mount your mobile device in numerous places in your car
  • Incredibly slim and stylish design with access to all ports and buttons
  • Windscreen or dashboard holder without harming your car
  • Universal and case compatible
  • Attach and remove your device with one hand
  • 360 degree swivel and 60 degree tilt functionality
  • Reusable gel suction cup


Mount your mobile device in numerous places in your car

The Baseus holder allows you to mount your mobile device in a number of different locations in your car. The dashboard, the windscreen, near the steering wheel or on the rear windscreen – the possibilities are endless. This allows you to use your device for a number of different things, whether it’s for a Sat Nav, playing a video for the kids or just mounting it in a comfortable position which keeps your phone in view without blocking your view of the road, perfect for positioning to listen to your tunes on the road.

Incredibly slim and stylish with access to all ports and features

This holder is designed to be incredibly slim line so it looks stylish whilst in your car, unlike some other chunky or larger phone holders. It also gives you full access to charging ports, buttons and your devices screen so you don’t have to constantly remove the device from the holder to access it or charge it. There is also access for the camera at the back of the handset as well so that you can make recordings whilst you’re driving. So if you want to record something on the road or record something in the back of your car, you can do it without removing it.

Windscreen or dashboard holder without harming your car 

This holder has been designed specifically to attach to your car’s windscreen or dashboard. Choose according to your own preferences where you wish the to located, either on your windscreen or on your dashboard. Either way, you can be sure your device is securely positioned.

Universal and case compatible design

As the Baseus older is designed to be universal it’s also case compatible, so you can still use your phone whilst it’s in its case. This allows you to easily clip your phone into the holder without having to remove it from any protective cases which you have attached.

360 degree swivel and 60 degree tilt functionality

This car holder features a ball swivel joint, which rotates a full 360 degree angle, and tilts upwards and downwards to a degree of 60.  this provides optimum comfort, which is incredibly important while driving.  If the sun changes positions and you can no longer see your SatNav device in the holder, you can simply adjust it with one hand to suit your needs.

Reuseable gel suction cup

This cradle also features a reuseable gel suction cup, which aids the attachment to either your windscreen or you dashboard.  To reuse time and time again, you simply have to wipe the suction cup with a wet cloth, and make sure it is completely dry, until the stickiness comes back and it is as good as new!